Tuesday, September 25, 2012

French Country Table & Chairs Makeover

Chairs BEFORE.
French Country Table & Chairs Makeover
I picked up this table and chairs set a few months ago with high hopes of refinishing them into something be-you-ti-ful! They did not disappoint!

The pretty fluted legs and molding details are really what make this set special. I knew with a little love (and a lot of sweat), I could bring out those details, so I got to work. First, as always, is the sanding. Lots and lots and lots of sanding. The trouble with pretty little details is they don't like to be sanded. But I did my best.

Next was painting. I used an ivory latex color to coat the whole thing except, of course, for the top of the table. That got a dark walnut stain. Gorgeous!

After painting, I distressed with some sandpaper, glazed with a mix of acrylic paint and water, and sealed it all with spray-sealer. After staining the table, I sealed it, too with a matte finish Mod Podge. Three coats. They were brushed on with a sponge brush (you can find these cheap in Walmart's paint section).

Pretty details.
Ugly cushions
Finally, I had to cover those hideous chair cushions. While in great condition, the fabric just screamed ugly. Loudly and annoyingly. So I covered up that nasty jungle print with faux grain sack that I made myself. I bought a darker muslin fabric and also a striped fabric. Then I printed images from The Graphics Fairy and used Citra Solv to transfer the images onto the fabric. This is like magic. The kind you only dreamed of as a child. You can find out more about Citra Solv image transfer here. FYI, I washed the fabric directly after transferring the images, and yes! They do stay!

Despite a few imperfections, I think the table & chairs are beautiful! I'm only sad that my Porch will most likely be closing down soon for winter. :(

AFTER! So pretty!


"Grain Sack" Cushions.

Love the details!

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