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Junk Journaling A to Z


The pink butterfly journal in the cover photo was created using our Butterfly Typography Cards.

Are you new to Junk Journaling? Not sure where to start?
See our Beginner's Guide to Junk Journaling on YouTube!

What is a Junk Journal?
A junk journal is a handmade or altered book with pages created from many sources: recycled materials (old sheet music, maps, illustrations, notebooks, etc.) and also printable images (such as junk journal kits from Etsy, etc.). It can be made of paper, fabric, etc., and usually includes ephemera (things such as old stamps, receipts, tickets, postcards, etc.).

What do you DO with a junk journal?
Junk journals can be used as:
- Diaries
- Photo Albums
- Scrapbooks
- Art Books
- Creative Idea Journals
- Baby Books
- Planners
- Botanical or Nature Field Guides
- Recipe Books
- Ephemera or Memorabilia Keepers
- Prayer Journals
- And MORE!

New to Junk Journaling?
Here's a printable kit to help you make
an EASY first journal! Just click on the image!

A to Z Junk Journal Glossary

Here are some common terms to help you understand the world of junk journaling!

 Accordion Fold/Fan Fold
This is a fold in which paper or pages goes back and forth, kind of like an accordion or paper fan.

“Altered” Things (Paperclips, Books, Envelopes, File Folders, etc.)
Altered things are items that have been changed, often using papers or crafting materials. So, an altered paperclip is a paperclip that has been turned into a decorative craft, but usually still functions as a paperclip. 

Altered Paperclip by My Porch Prints

Ornamental needlework "patches" in decorative designs.

ATC Cards
ATC is Artist Trading Card. These are decorative cards and can be anything from artwork to old postcards. Quite often they are 2.5x3.5 inch and can be traded with other crafters in swaps.

Belly Bands
A bellyband is a strip of paper, ribbon or fabric that is glued or sewn onto a page either vertically or horizontally. You can tuck cards or other items behind it.

Sparkly accessories such as glitter, jewelry, charms & dangles.

Bookplates (see Label Holders)

Brads are small metal fasteners that can be poked through a hole and used to secure items together.

Boho Style
Boho is a relaxed style that can encompass different ideas but is influenced by a “gypsy” or “bohemian” style. It can be bright or muted colors and often is influenced by nature such as leaves and feathers.

A small collage made from scraps of paper, fabric, lace, beads, etc. Clusters can be glued or sewn together and are used as embellishment decorations.

Bone Folder
A handy tool used to flatten creases in paper.

Bookbinding Kit
These can be purchased and usually include wax string and large needles as well as awls for poking holes and other items. The kits are used to bind pages into the cover & spine of a book.

Bookplate/Label Holder
These are usually metal pieces (or sometimes printed) that often go on the cover of a journal and can be used to hold an image or words.

Bulb Pins
Small pins that are straight and narrow on one end and fat and round at the other (also called gourd pins).

Bulldog Clip (or Hinge Clip)
This clip works kind of like a clothespin and is usually made of metal. They can be used to hold journal pages together or to clip an item to a journal page.

Cardstock is a thicker, more sturdy paper used to make cards. It comes in different weights (pounds or grams depending on where you buy it).

Chipboard is a type of sturdy, thick cardboard. It can be used for creating journal covers.

Copyright/Copyrighted Materials:
Copyrighted materials are legally protected and cannot be used without the copyright-holder's consent. *Note: It is important for crafters not to use "copyrighted" images or material when selling a journal or other craft items/digitals. If you are creating junk journals or digitals to sell, be sure to follow copyright law. Here is more information about what is considered "copyrighted" images. *(And yes, things such as Harry Potter, Disney, etc., are usually copyrighted.)

Corner Cutter (Corner Rounding Punch):
A handy device for cutting/rounding corners on papers, pages, etc.

Cricut Cutting Machine
A Cricut is a digital die-cutting machine for cutting printed images (it does not print). It can cut many different materials such as paper, card stock, vinyl. Some can even cut wood, fabrics, leather and cork. Many  junk journalers use Cricut to “fussy cut” stickers and other small, intricate images.

A tool by We R Memory Keepers for punching multiple-sized holes and setting eyelets (round metal pieces) into tags, etc.

Die Cuts
Die Cutting is a quick and easy way of cutting out a shape with a machine (rather than by hand). Machines like a Sizzix can be purchased along with shape templates for cutting.

Digitals/Digi Kits/Printables
Digitals are files (JPG, PDF, PNG, etc.) that can be purchased, downloaded and printed to create craft projects, junk journals, etc.

Digital Kit from My Porch Prints

Distress Ink
Pads of ink that can be used to give items a vintage appearance. Usually it is dabbed onto the edge of pages, tags, cards, ephemera, etc, to give it an aged look.

Embellishments (or embellies) are items used to decorate your journal. They can be clusters, fussy cut images, stickers, charms, etc.

Things that are meant to be used and then discarded, such as ticket stubs, receipts, wrappers, postcards. The term has also come to mean items used for decorating a junk journal such as printable ephemera. Quite often these items are made from “ephemera” such as tags or cards made from old playing cards, sheet music, etc.

Printable ephemera from My Porch Prints

A round metal piece often used in journal tags where a piece of ribbon or string might go.

A piece that flips to open or reveal a hidden pocket, etc.

These are items that are given away by crafters, usually as a "thank you" to customers or subscribers. My Porch Prints Freebies can be found in the "Files" tab of our Facebook Group. :) 

Fussy Cuts
Any image that you cut around, following the shape of an image. Popular fussy cut items include flowers, butterflies, etc. They can also be printable items that require intricate cutting. Many crafters use machines such as Brother Scan-N-Cut or Cricut to “fussy cut” for them, instead of hand-cutting.

Envelopes filled with fussy cut flowers.

These are larger than eyelets but work in the same way. They are round metal pieces that can be used to create closures for journals.

Happy Mail
Happy Mail is something you send to a person to brighten their day and usually consists of a craft project (such as a card) that you’ve created and can also include crafting supplies for that person to use (stickers, cards, tags, lace, charms, etc.)

Hidden Spine
This is a method of bookbinding where the thread or ties used to bind the pages to the spine are "hidden" and do not show on the outside of the spine.

Something you place between your journal pages (such as a folder or envelope) that is usually removable.

Label Holders 
(sometimes called Bookplates)
These are usually metal and are often used on the front cover of a journal. They can hold small paper pieces with words or decorations. 

Masterboard Collage

A masterboard is a type of collage or mixed media paper. It often consists of small pieces from several papers and can be glued or sewn. Sometimes sewn versions are referred to as “frankenpaper”.

Pamphlet Stitch
This is a method of sewing pages into a journal.

Public Domain Images
"Public Domain" refers to creative materials that are not protected by intellectual property laws, such as copyright, trademark, etc. Public domain images can be used when creating journals to sell. *Note: It is important for crafters not to use "copyrighted" images or material. If you are creating junk journals to sell, be sure to follow copyright law.

Scrapbook Trimmer
A device that uses a sliding blade to cut paper.

Shabby/Shabby Chic
A feminine decorative style that usually consists of soft pastels (often pink) and florals (often roses) and lace.

A signature is a group of folded pages. Most journals consist of one or more signatures of pages.

Snippet/Snippet Roll
Snippets are usually long, thin collages made of paper and/or fabric scraps. They can be glued or sewn together. The idea is that you can make one long roll an then cut small “snippets” from it to create clusters for decorating/embellishing a journal.

Steampunk Style
Steampunk style is derived from a fictional Victorian society that runs on “steam”. It often involves science and industry, but in an “old fashioned” way. Some items found in steampunk are gears, corsets, inventions, metals, hot air balloons, clocks, etc.

Tabs/Page Tabs
Tabs are small foldable pieces of paper, fabric, etc., used to mark a page.

Travelers Notebook (TN Journal)
A TN journal refers to a slimmer-sized journal. They are usually 4.5x8.25 inches (or similar dimensions).

A tuckspot is like a pocket. It is a place to “tuck” a tag or card in a journal. However, unlike a pocket, a tuckspot is usually more open, sometimes only being only partially attached to a journal page, leaving an open space in which to “tuck” items.

Vintage is a style that can either mean actual “old” items (usually anything over 20 years old). It can also mean an aesthetic where items appear to be aged, having torn edges, sepia tones and neutral colors.

Wax Seals/Sealing Wax
Wax seals are made from melting sealing wax and pressing an image into the melted wax. Faux wax seals can be made with a type of hot glue. Sometimes dried flowers or glitter, etc., are pressed into the seal.

Click image for our faux wax seal tutorial

ZIP File 
A ZIP file works like a folder that contains other files (like JPG or PNG files, etc.). The files are compressed to make them smaller and easier to transport or store. A zipped file can be unzipped (or extracted) and the compressed files that are inside can be opened and used.

Of course, these are not "all" the terms associated with junk journaling. We will continue to add as we discover new ones! Thanks for stopping by! We hope you'll follow us on Facebook and visit us on YouTube for crafting and junk journal tutorials!

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My Porch Prints Etsy Shop Terms of Use/Copyright


The artwork in our shop is the property of MY PORCH PRINTS and protected by copyright law.

You MAY NOT reproduce/alter/redistribute/use any part of it as a digital item (such as a file or in a digital collage, etc.). DO NOT use to create your own designs.

You MAY NOT share these files with anyone else, in digital or print form. This includes not printing the digitals for someone else who has not likewise purchased this digital kit. You may not split the price and share with someone else, etc. One purchase. One user.

You MAY NOT re-sell these images as-is or as your own work either in print or digital form.

You MAY print & use these items in a tangible journal/scrapbook/craft project, etc., to sell.

You MAY NOT simply print them out, assemble and re-sell them either on their own, as small craft items such as stickers, stamps, cards, etc. or as part of a “kit” or in any way that competes with our shop. Our items are meant for you to use in your own unique assembled craft project.

You MAY NOT use in print-on-demand or for sublimation-type items such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. Our designs are for printed papercrafts.

Our items must be incorporated into your own unique, assembled printed project and significantly altered (such as by adding other printed items, lace, decorations, etc.) DO NOT just print, assemble & sell. DO NOT just alter slightly and sell. You must make it unique.

Violations could result in legal action. 

Please contact My Porch Prints on Etsy if you have questions about these terms.

© Copyright - MY PORCH PRINTS

All Rights Reserved

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Toilet Paper Roll Tags for a Junk Journal

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Toilet Paper Roll Tags for a Junk Journal
Hello and welcome to the Porch! So, right now (spring 2020) we are in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, and for a few weeks it was almost impossible to find toilet paper. Anywhere. Suddenly all anyone was talking about was toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper. It got a little scary.

So, I decided to issue a crafting challenge on my Facebook Group (Not a member? Join the fun here!). The challenge was to turn all this toilet paper negativity into something positive by creating a craft project from toilet paper rolls. This is my own answer to the challenge. I hope you love it!

I began with two toilet paper rolls, one of which I cut up into little pieces and stared at for about half an hour. Then I cut it up some more and threw the the pieces away. LOL! Attempt 2 meant I was down to just one TP roll, so I had to break into an almost-empty paper towel roll and cut it to size. This gave me 3 toilet paper-sized rolls which I proceeded to smash flat.

Flattening My TP Rolls
Getting them flat was a challenge all on its own. I used my bone folder which helped a tad, but those suckers still wanted to pop back up into their roly poly roundness. So, I used the old dollar bill method. You remember? When your dollar bill wouldn't fit in the pop machine so you'd drag it along the edge of a table or some other flat, hard surface until it straightened out? Yep. That's what I did.

Next, I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Vintage Photo Color and inked the edges of my TP rolls.

And I decided I would attach them to a journal page. This one is from my Faded Roses Journal Kit in my Etsy shop.

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Making the Pockets for the Tags
Using that same printable kit and my Rose Ledger Cards, I found some pretty ephemera pieces and cut them to fit on top of my TP rolls. I rounded the corners using my corner rounding punch and inked the edges as well.

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Then I sewed the ephemera pieces onto my TP rolls. I had planned to leave one end open to slide the tag into but quickly realized I would need some very skinny tags to fit inside the TP rolls or behind the ephemera pieces, so I came up with a new plan....

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

My new plan was to sew zig-zag style up the left edge to attach the TP rolls to my junk journal page. Then I also sewed zig-zags to attach in between the TP rolls, securing them to the journal page and also creating the "pocket" that the tag would slide into. I know. It's confusing. So, the tags don't actually fit INSIDE the TP rolls, they fit BEHIND them.

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Making the Tags
I used more ephemera to create some horizontal tags. I just cut them to size and cut off the corners to make a tag shape.

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Then I used my eyelet punch to add some holes and finished the tags off with some distress ink and a little sari silk ribbon.

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

All Finished!
For a final finishing touch, I added a bit of pearl bead trim. And that was it. After all that work, I was pooped. :)

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Toilet Paper Roll Pocket Tags for a Junk Journal from My Porch Prints

Saturday, February 22, 2020

How To Start Your Own Crafting YouTube Channel (For Beginners)

how to start your own crafting channel on youtube for beginners

How To Start Your Own Crafting YouTube Channel (For Beginners)
Do you enjoy crafting? Do you enjoy watching crafting tutorials on YouTube? Have you ever wondered if YOU could make crafting videos that others might enjoy watching? You can! It's really easy to get started. Here are a few ideas and tips for beginners.

Getting A YouTube Channel
First, you need a YouTube channel. There's plenty of info on the Internet about how to do this, so I won't bother repeating it, but here is a link to get your started.

Equipment: The Basics
You don't need lots of fancy equipment and software to make a simple crafting video. However, there are a few basics that will make the process easier and make your videos prettier.

1. Your Phone
2. Good Lighting
3. A Background
4. Video Editing Software (not necessary, but handy)

So, let's talk a little about these.

Making Videos With Your Phone
For beginners, a phone is a perfectly adequate way to begin making videos. Most phones today are more than capable of putting out quality video. However, you'll need to mount the phone so your hands are free for crafting. For beginners, I recommend a simple mount stand like this one:

It clamps to the edge of your desk and is easy to move and manipulate. Your phone goes into the squeezable clamp and can be positioned over your work space for easy video-making. Below are some photos of the one I use.

Desk clamp to hold your phone while making videos

desk clamp for phone videos

Lighting Your Videos
Ideally, I recommend window light for pictures and videos (not direct sunlight). It's soft and natural and always looks good. However, a window isn't always an option. If that's the case, it's good to have at least one bright light source to simulate window lighting as much as possible. An easy way to get some extra light on your work space is to use something like this ring light.

It has a few different settings for warm/cool and level of brightness, plus it's cheap and easy to use. Just clamp it to the side of your desk, plug it into your computer USB port and you're ready to go! Here's a look at how I set mine up on my desk (below).

desk clamp ring light for phone videos

desk clamp ring light for youtube videos

A Nice, Clean Background
Next you'll want a good background for your videos. As a crafter, it's okay to use a craft mat, but if you want to do a flip-through of a pretty junk journal or other project you've created, why not use a nice background? I prefer clean "wood" backgrounds or a similar look. Whatever you choose, make sure it doesn't compete for attention with the project you're trying to showcase. Simple is usually better.

For my desk background (see pics below), I used faux wood wallpaper on the back of my craft mat. See a tutorial video for this here.

pretty wood background for youtube videos

pretty wood background for crafting videos with alphabet cards

Get these Alphabet Cards from My Porch Prints on Etsy.

Video Editing Softare
If you're new to making videos, you don't have to use software. You can just record your video and upload it to YouTube. (Click here for how to upload a video to YouTube.)

However, if you have an iPhone, you can use iMovie software (free for your phone from the Apple app store) to edit your videos and do fun stuff like speeding up/slowing down your video, adding titles, filters, music and more. I won't go into all that, but if you're curious, here's an article I found about it.

So, now you have your phone mounted to your desk with a nice ring light and a pretty background... time to shoot your first crafting project and share it with the world!

Click links on this page at your own risk, as I can't guarantee the safety of any links that go to other pages.

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What To Do With A Junk Journal

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
This journal was created using the Letters & Postcards printable kit
from My Porch Prints

Visit My Porch Prints on Etsy for beautiful printables for your Junk Journal

What To Do With A Junk Journal
Maybe you've heard of junk journals? (Click here for a beginner's tutorial.)
They are these cool, beautiful handmade books created from bits of discarded "junk"... things like receipts, old book pages & papers, doilies and other ephemera. Some are made of fabric, some of paper, old grocery bags, file folders, cereal boxes. If you spend any time on Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram, you have to agree these junk journal things are beautiful!

But what do you DO with them?

I once asked the same question. And I think anyone with an interest in creating these pretty journals is probably wondering the same thing.

Well, here are a few ideas for what you might do with a junk journal:

The most obvious use, at least to me, is to make a good old fashioned journal. Record your thoughts and feelings in the pretty tea-dyed pages.

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Created using the Mysterious Woman Journal Kit
from My Porch Prints

Art Journal/Sketch Book
If you make junk journals, you probably already have an interest in art on some level. Why use blank white pages when you can sketch and draw out your ideas in a book that is already creative and inspiring?

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Lavender Layered Journal Cover

Memory Book/Photo Album
Gather pictures of that new baby, or postcards and letters from your grandparents, or just memories of your friendship through the years... concert tickets, receipts, fun memories scribbled on tags or bits of coffee-dyed paper. What a pretty collection of memories & photos!

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Created using the Letters & Postcards Journal Kit

Travel Journal
Go on an adventure, and take a junk journal with you! Fill those pockets with ticket stubs, luggage tags, that weird candy you ate in Nepal? Save the wrapper! You'll never forget that memory. That postcard from Florida? That train ticket to Paris? Each bit of "junk" from your journeys can be saved as a memory. And don't forget a few Polaroid photos, too!

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Created using the World Traveler Scrap Pack

You hang pictures on your wall, you decorate your shelves with boxes & knick-knacks... why can't a journal be a piece of art in your home? Fill up a bookshelf with journals of every theme! Place one on your coffee table as an interesting conversation piece. Fill it with the things you love, and your guests can get to know you as they flip through its pages.

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Created using Fairy Tale Journal Kit & Fairy Tale Mini Books

Wedding Guest Book
Perfect for a vintage, woodland or other themed wedding. The junk journal guest book can be themed to match! And guests can write not only their names, but also well-wishes and memories for the happy couple.

Neutral Wedding Guest Book Kit

Prayer Journal
Record your prayers and favorite Bible passages. Draw a picture to go with what you've read. Your time with God can take on a new creativity, reflecting the talents he's blessed you with!

Scripture Scraps Printable

Botanical Journal/ Field Guide
You love nature. Your garden. Your walks. Pluck a few flowers or leaves and preserve them in your journal! Find out their names or properties. Or draw pictures of what you see... be it bird, bug or beast.

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Botanical Wax Paper Bag Journal

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Letters & Postcards Journal Flip-Thru Video

Day Planner
Keep your chaotic life in check. Make those grocery lists, track sleep or weight loss... like a bullet journal, but with a shabby, coffee-dyed creative twist.

Planner Junk Journal Kit

Creative Planner
You love to make projects... sewing, cooking, mixed media, refinishing furniture, gardening, etc. Whatever your hobby, you need to be organized and plan out your future projects, and a junk journal can be just the place to do that! When inspiration strikes, record your ideas and maybe sketch a little drawing to go with it. Or cut out pictures from magazines as inspiration.

Crafters Planner Kit

Recipe Journal
Whether it's your great-grandma's homemade noodles or that cake pop you loved from Pinterest... pictures and ingredients combine to create a recipe journal! Make it kitchen themed with images of vintage 50s appliances. Or food themed with scrumptious cakes, tea & desserts! Record memories of those special times in the kitchen, with grandma or grandpa, mom or dad or your babies & grandbabies.

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Tea & Dessert Folio Kit

Flow-ish/Gift Journal
You're not the only person who loves to create! So, share your journal in a swap. And include pretty bits of art supplies, papers and tags within the pages and pockets for your friend to use in HER journal!

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Letters & Postcards Journal Kit

What to do with a junk journal from My Porch Prints
Botanical Notes Junk Journal Kit

FREEBIE! Print This List
If you sell or gift journals, please enjoy this FREEBIE! It is a vintage-style card that lists the ideas in this article. You can include it in your journal for your customers and friends.
Click here for the full-size printable file.

Freebie Printable