Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Headboard Coat Rack

I love Pinterest. Without it, I would have to come up with creative stuff all on my own. Which I could do, but half the time my ideas never turn out the way I picture them in my mind. That's where Pinterest really shines! You can look at the "after" photo of a project and decide if it's worth the time. That's how I discovered this idea to take an old twin bed headboard and turn it into a beautiful coat rack. 

The first step was to find a headboard that would work. Not all headboards are suitable for this. I really wanted something pretty with lots of mouldings and curves, but unfortunately our local thrift store didn't have any headboards like that. Instead, I bought a plain old wood headboard with hopes that I could pretty it up later.

I had Hubby cut off the legs, then I primed it with Zinsser primer--a favorite of mine. It means I don't have to sand a piece to get the paint to stick. Next, I did a few coats of satin Walmart brand country white interior latex paint. 

After it was all dry, I used a sanding block and wallpaper scraper to give the headboard a chippy, vintage feel. I love all things chippy! Finally, I brushed on some Minwax Walnut Stain/Sealer and wiped it off with one of Hubby's old shirts. It leaves just enough stain behind to give an antique finish while also adding a layer of sealant for protection.

The most inspired part of this makeover was embellishing the painted piece. I added a wood applique to the top (actually Hubby did, using a nail gun). I also decided to fill in the open space with a chalkboard (just a piece of cut wood and some chalkboard paint). Finally, I bought a few inexpensive hooks and BOOM! This pretty piece was done! Now, who's going to try this?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Apple Basket, Table, Bins

Here are a few projects I've been working on lately.

First up, is an apple basket. I decided to spruce up this vintage basket with a cute little French graphic from the Graphics Fairy (see link in sidebar).

Next, was a drop leaf table. I had already given it a makeover, but wanted to add just a little something more. So, using another Graphics Fairy graphic, I painted the image in a light, subtle buttery yellow, then sanded it away to give it a faded, shabby look.

Finally, during our town spring clean-up day, hubby and I found a bunch of old drawers. Hubby used a few to build me these fabulous junk bins. I LOVE them!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Adventurers Suitcase

I've seen so many cute little painted suitcases on Pinterest, and I finally decided to take a crack at it. Unfortunately, I don't have any chalk paint, so I used primer and latex/acrylic.

This old guy was sitting around the thrift store just waiting for a home, so I snagged him up. After painting him gray, I added the words and painted the hardware.

I think this guy turned out very cute and is ready to find a new home!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Make Your Own 221B Baker Bag: Sherlock Purse

Make Your Own Sherlock Bag
I've been working on several cool furniture projects for an upcoming Spring Market. Unfortunately,
most of those are still unfinished.

However, I did find time to finish one project, not furniture but something else I've wanted to do for a looooong time: a Sherlock Holmes purse!

I'm a bit of a geek, especially when it comes to books/movies, and I recently came across an Etsy shop that sells bags that look like Sherlock Holmes' door.

So cool! I wrote to the guy and asked him about them and found out they are just flat, two-dimensional pictures. There is no real hardware on the bags: no coolio door knocker, no numbers. I probably should have realized that right away, but I geeked out over it and thought maybe it had actual hardware included. Nope.

I decided in order to be truly cool, I needed a purse with actual hardware. Then, I remembered that Tim Holtz makes a mini lantern.

From Amazon

Thus was born my 221B Baker bag! I bought the bag at Goodwill. It seemed like a good size and had a nice, flat black back that made a perfect canvas for my "door." Then I found a black fabric belt to criss cross over the purse and create the illusion of panels intersecting. After much searching, I found a shop on Etsy that sells small metal numbers and letters. I painted them with gold acrylic, then did a light misting of black spray paint to make them look old and weathered. I also ordered a pendant pull on Etsy that resembled the actual door knocker from Sherlock.

I assembled it all by fastening the hardware on and sewing/gluing the belt to the purse. Finally, I tucked the battery pack to my lantern inside the purse pocket and allowed the lantern to hang outside the door. The final result is just awesome! At least for a geeky girl like me. :)