Saturday, July 26, 2014

Baby Girl Rag Garland

I'm so excited for my cousin Mary's upcoming baby shower. She's having the first girl in her family (she and her brother both have all boys). I decided to throw a baby shower with the theme simply being PINK.

My mind has been brimming with ideas for decorations, gifts and food. I decided to begin with this sweet baby-girl rag garland, which could also double as a gift to hang up in Baby Amelia's room.

I went to a thrift store today, and lucky for me it was our town's "Ridiculous Days" event, so everything in the store was half off. (I also stocked up on onesies, baby socks and shoes!) I bought lace curtains in white, palest pink sheer curtains, and patterned curtains in pink and white... but I really wanted some more pop. I couldn't find anything suitable in a dark pink until I was in the sleepwear section and THERE it was! A flowy pink nightgown with a sheer over-layer. It worked perfectly! The fabric was so light and flowy, but also a nice, darker pink. Perfect for POP!

I cut all my fabric into long strips and proceeded to tie it onto a long rope (sort of slip knot style, more about that HERE) which I had stretched across my bedroom from my armoire to my dressing mirror. I think the result is beautiful! Just right for a baby girl.

I hope you love it as much as I do!