Friday, August 24, 2018

Botanical Wax Paper Bag Journal

Hey everyone! I've been diving into the world of junk journals. Have you seen them? They are fantastic! I've even started designing tags, cards and journal kits for my Etsy shop.

Anyhoo, I was on Pinterest looking at, well.... everything, when I came across a "clear" junk journal. It was fabulous! Someone had taken clear pieces of thin plastic and suspended tiny objects (keys, coins, etc.) inside and then sewed around the edges. It was so cool!

I decided I wanted to make a "clear" journal, but I didn't have any clear plastic... at least none that would work for a journal. What I did have was a bunch of translucent wax paper bags... and tape. :) You can already see where I'm going with this.

I lined the paper bags up side-by-side (like book pages) and taped down the center, connecting each bag until they formed a book. The tops were cute, but I wanted a shorter book, so I cut them off to the size I wanted. This left me with open tops to each "page" that I could fill with found items! I used clear packing tape to cover the "spine" of my book. Using tape kept the book simple, clean and clear.

My daughter and I went on a walk. We're blessed to live on a lake near some woods, so we found plenty of beautiful flowers and leaves. But you could use keys or pretty scrapbooking tags, scraps of memorabilia like ticket stubs, or really just anything that is relatively flat to fill your pages.

What will you put in YOUR journal? :)