Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tea-rific Valentines for Seniors & Widows

Today on the Porch, we have SNOW. And snow means working indoors. Since Valentine's Day is fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to make some valentine cards for the seniors and widows at our church.

Of course, all valentines need treats! My first thoughts (naturally) went to chocolate. But chocolate is so very difficult to send through the mail. My next thought was flat candy like laffy taffy or gum. Then I realized it didn't really work with my target audience's diets/dentures. Finally, my thought went to that sugar-free, non-sticky, super flat staple of life... tea!

And I got to work. With help from kiddo #2, a few art supplies and Twinings Tea, I was able to whip up these beauties just in time for Valentine's Day!

To make these tea-rific valentines for seniors, you'll need a few supplies:
All these can usually be found in any craft store or even Walmart's craft section.

I cut pieces of craft paper to fit half the card and combined different patterns to make it interesting. Then I glued the pieces to the blank cards.

Next, I covered the seam where the two pieces of craft paper meet with a strip of washi tape. I wrapped it around the back and inside just a bit.

Kiddo helped me make cute little tea tags out of craft paper and string.

Next, I attached the heart tea tags to the back of the tea bag and looped a couple pieces of tape to the back as well. Then I stuck the bag to the front of the card. Easy peasy!

I added the printable valentine to the inside of the card with a written message.

Finally, I cut a piece of cardstock the same size as the card to cover the tea bag before slipping it into the envelope. I'm hoping this will help it go smoothly through the mail. (One year I used 3-D stickers and they got caught in the mail and sent back to me.)

Beautiful tea-rific valentines for seniors!