Meet Stephanie

Hi there! My name is Stephanie, and My Porch Prints is my creation. (Formerly "What's On My Porch".) It began quite a few years ago, when our family of four lived in an old, rickety two-story house. I had a passion for making over furniture, but no room to work on my projects. So, I often ended up working outside on my front porch. One day, I decided it would be fun to share my projects with the world, so "What's On My Porch" was born.

A lot has changed since I started The Porch. My two daughters have grown up. And we moved from our rickety old house to a one-story home on a beautiful lake. I never thought I'd give up my love for big, old houses (and I haven't really), but some health issues with my feet have forced me to accept the one-story home lifestyle. It's not so bad. I can get around easier.

Because of my health issues, I'm no longer able to make-over furniture like I used to (sad face). But necessity is the mother of invention, right? I needed a hobby that I could do from a chair... and with that, "My Porch Prints" was born! Now I design beautiful printables in my Etsy shop to share with all you fine folks. I also enjoy sharing crafting ideas on my blog and Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by the Porch!

In addition to crafting projects, I also write children's stories.

(Check out the Villain School Books.)

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