Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Signs, Signs, EVERYWHERE Signs!

So, a while back, during our town's "junk" day... you know, the day where everyone throws their junk on the curb? And then the rest of us go dumpster diving for three days looking for hidden treasure? Yes, that day. Anyhoo, I was going through my neighbor's junk heap delicately searching when I found some old fencing that had been thrown out. With Hubby's help, I turned that old fence into a series of hand-painted signs... and my love for wood signs was born!

Soon, I got my hands on some pallet wood, and poor Hubby was overwhelmed with sawing and assembling more wooden "doors" for me. I added hinges and other hardware, sanding, staining, painting and lettering these delightful little doors!

Here are the latest products of my obsession. And you can learn more about how to make your OWN sign here.


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