Thursday, August 15, 2013

Perfect. Just the way they are...

Sometimes I find or buy items that just scream, "Make me over!" They are usually scratched or neglected or from the 1970s. Other times, though, an item is so old or beautiful or perfectly rusted or chipped that I can't bear to alter it. Here are a few of those "found" items that I decided to just leave alone.

This cute little bench came from a flea market.
I loved the old leather top and rusty studs.

I found this lady left all alone on a curb. She was so graceful and
perfectly chipped. I just updated her hardware, painted some corner details,
and added a basket for her missing top drawer. Beautiful!

This potting table was a thrift store find. With its metal top and chipped paint
I couldn't even think about changing it! It's found a home on my Porch. :)

My daughter found these little lanterns on a curb. Perfectly rusty and chipped!

Another "free" find, this old wash bucket is a home for my impatiens!

Bought all this rusty hardware at a flea market. LOVE the patina!

Originally, I bought this RCA radio cabinet to gut and paint. But
after my hubby found out the radio STILL WORKED I couldn't
bring myself to gut it.

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