Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Day on Dad's Farm

We spent last weekend with family: first with hubby's side at a reunion/picnic, then a couple days on my dad's farm. I got to visit my aunt and uncle and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Plus, Dad let me pick over the junk in his barn. Bonus! Here's a photo adventure of my favorite finds and a few family pics, too. Enjoy!

Old dented/rusty buckets. Dad: "They have holes!" Me: "Perfect! I'll take them."

Another bucket with a hole, this time intentional. :)

Love this tall bucket with the wood handle grip. Another planter for my impatiens!

I am a hardware JUNKIE. And this rusty strap hinge is huge and AWESOME.

Cool rusty chain.

Cool rusty hook.

I don't even want to KNOW what this was for, but it was just so unique, I had to take it, despite dad's jokes and concerned glances. :)

Dad was so excited about this. He'd actually SAVED it for me.
It's an old dustpan that flattens so you can sweep in it, then straightens when you lift.
Handy! And it has "Cedar Falls Iowa" on the tag. Very cool. :)

I found this thing in the barn playing with wild kittens. I guess I'll keep her.

Dad, looking the part. :)

Hollyhocks blooming.

My daughter and Dad's border collie, Maggie.

Maggie hiding from my kids' attentions.

Grandpa & Granddaughter: two peas in a pod.

A kiss for my daddy.

The whole gang. You have no idea how many tries it takes to get everybody to look straight and smile. :)

Overall, a great time on the farm! Can't wait to go back when the wasps are sleeping and REALLY clean out Dad's barn!

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