Thursday, August 16, 2012

French Wine Label Coffee Table

So, it's time to post again. I have a few new projects on my porch but, alas, technology has defeated me. The drive for my SD photo card is hateful and vindictive and will not allow me to access any of my photos. So, instead of showing you What's On My Porch this week, I'm going to show you what was on my porch earlier this summer.

Of course, I have no "before" photos. Sometimes I forget to take them. It happens. Suffice to say this coffee table was a light stain and scratched up a bit... like a lot of my projects. I began by sanding it. Then I applied creamy white paint (the usual three coats).

I hand-painted a design on the top from what appears to be a French wine label. I honestly cannot recall where I found it. I should probably keep better track of those things.

Then I changed my mind. I'd thought about distressing it by sanding away at the corners. However, the light stain underneath wasn't the look I had in mind. I wanted something darker, warmer, richer. So, instead of sanding, I did a dry-brush technique with a dark-brown acrylic paint, highlighting the edges and also lightly brushing across the white surface to give it an old... wait for it... VINTAGE feel.Yuk yuk.

The finishing touch was to lightly sand the painted words and then spray with a light coat of matte acrylic sealer. And voila! A beautiful coffee table that I sold for $65. Not too shabby.

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