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How to Create A Farmhouse Gallery Wall of Your Very Own

farmhouse gallery wall signs

Farmhouse Gallery Wall
Have you ever looked at Pinterest and seen those tidy walls of collected items that just look so perfect they're almost too good to be true? Well, they're totally doable! You  just need the right spot. For years, I've wanted a gallery wall. But we lived in an old house that was all windows and doors. There was literally not one wall that was just a plain, flat space. Then, about a year ago, we moved into our lake house.... and it was the same problem. Only it wasn't just windows and doors--but built-in bookshelves--taking up precious wall space. Not that I'm complaining about awesome built-ins, but sometimes a girl just wants a blank canvas.

farmhouse gallery wall and daybed

I managed to find one wall in the living room between the bookshelves and a door. It was big and blank and just perfect for a gallery wall! So, I got to work!

When deciding what pieces to include, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and clean. With a little trial and error, I think I managed it! And you can, too!

Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a gallery wall:

1. Space. You need to understand the dimensions of the space you're working with. Try laying out your chosen pieces on the floor next to the wall. It will help you understand how the pieces fit together. Try to keep the top and bottom even to create a "rectangle" shape (see picture). I only included pieces that fit well, using the largest piece (the chalkboard) to define the edge of my rectangle shape.

gallery wall in rectangle shape with chalkboard, signs, monogram, clock, lantern

2. Color. Modern farmhouse calls for a neutral color scheme. If that's the look you're going for, then I recommend pieces that are black, white, and gray with perhaps one other color. I chose brown for mine. It made sense because I had wood pieces in my gallery. Too many colors can make a space look cluttered and messy.

3. Materials. Choose materials in keeping with your theme. Most of the items in this gallery are wood and metal, which add to the farmhouse style. The lantern is BOTH metal and wood and ties in nicely with the other pieces.

gallery wall with lantern and street sign in black, white, gray

4. Function. While a gallery wall's primary function is aesthetic, it can also serve other purposes. Does your room need a clock? A gallery wall is a good place for one! Also, consider a chalkboard. Gallery walls can get stale if they aren't somewhat changeable. I enjoy decorating my chalkboard with seasonal messages. It also gives me a place to display collected, handmade and sentimental pieces. The "Love Grows" wood sign is made of wood from my dad's barn and has our family tree on the back.

You can see more photos of this "Love Grows" sign HERE.

gallery wall with love grows wood sign, monogram letter, street sign and lantern

gallery wall with farmhouse clock, wood sign, pulley

Farmhouse gallery wall with metal mail box, post box, vintage pulley

5. Balance. Make sure you get a good mix of large and small pieces. Don't put all your heavy, square pieces on one side, spread them out. Likewise, don't put all items of one color on one side. I tried to create balance by putting my heaviest pieces (the chalkboard and Love Grows sign) on opposite sides. Also the "S" and "The Sanders Family" sign both have large letter S's, so I separated them, too. I filled in the gaps with smaller pieces.

Read about how to make your own Family Name Sign HERE.

Farmhouse gallery wall with chalkboard, daybed, pillows, wood sign, clock

I'm so excited to finally have a gallery wall! Do YOU have a gallery wall in your house? What pieces did you include?

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