Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How to Have FUN Taking Down Christmas Decorations

Every year it's the same. November hits... along with a hint of snow in the air.... and suddenly I'm all about Christmas. The Christmas train can't be stopped! The tree is up and sparkly. The fireplace is glittering. The halls are decked, baby! The world is aglow with the anticipation of Christmas morning!

Then, somehow, a month later, everything is bleak. The kids are gone back to school or work. The empty packages and wrapping are thrown away. And now the tree that brought so much joy is starting to look like a lot of work.

So, how can I re-capture the joy I felt putting all this stuff up? I can't, really. Nope. Plain and simple. Nothing beats the joy of anticipating Christmas!

But, I can refocus my energy on other things. Here's my guide to ENJOYING putting away Christmas decorations:

1. Put on some music. Christmas is over, and you can finally get Santa Baby out of your head! Use that i-tunes gift card or just turn on Pandora and get a good, upbeat station going. I like "80s pop". It takes me back to my childhood and makes me want to move!

2. Organize and trash it! That's right. This is your big chance to keep what you love and junk what you don't. I keep a few sentimental ornaments and throw away anything that I don't absolutely love. Or donate it, if it's in decent shape. I wrap lights around cereal boxes. Go to Walmart and get a couple of those plastic organizers they always put in place of the Christmas aisle. Use them to neatly put away ornaments. And grab a big plastic box for larger items like greenery, lights and small trees. Don't want to run to the store? Try these DIY organization ideas from Good Housekeeping.

3. Make some cocoa or coffee. And fru-fru it up with whip cream, sprinkles, etc. I like cinnamon and honey. Hey, it's not Christmas, but it's still winter, for crying out loud. It is currently below zero degrees as I type this! So, put on those fuzzy slippers or socks that Santa brought you and drink up!

4. Enlist help. Kids can get in on this cleaning action. Give them a task. Ask them to sweep or vacuum glitter and fake snow. Or get them to clean and organize their new toys while you take down the tree. Also, Hubby may not care one way or another about ornaments, but he still has muscles. I ask Hubby to carry boxes up and down the basement steps for me. He's such a champ about it! (Thanks, Hubby!) Or see if someone can make dinner while you un-decorate. Better yet, get pizza delivered! Call your sister or mom and make a day of it.

5. Laugh. It's easy to get depressed when the house is quiet and the sun is so tiny and shrunken it actually seems to be sucking vitamin D from your pale skin. Seeing the tree come down is tough. So, find a funny video (i.e., Tim Hawkins, FailArmy, Jim Gaffigan, etc.). Put it on while you work to keep your mood light.

6. Think of the future. Christmas may be over, but it will come again. And now you've cleared out the tree, you have space to re-decorate. Move some furniture around. Think about throwing a few touches of spring into your home. Buy some fresh flowers! Go out and find a bird nest (like this one my daughter and I found in the snowy woods. Don't worry. It was long-vacated and its occupants enjoying warmer climes!) Enjoy your newly-cleared out home and look forward to warmer days!

What do YOU do to make cleaning up Christmas more fun?
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