Thursday, December 28, 2017

Galvanized Farmhouse from Hobby Lobby

I am gaga for galvanized home décor! I just love that faded silver look! Here are a few galvanized farmhouse finds from Hobby Lobby. I already have the three-tiered tray and the metal tray with the handle... and I think I might pick up that lantern soon, too!

This little lantern might have to come to my house, soon!
I have this awesome tray near our coffee bar.
It's perfect for holding tea and jars, and it also works great for seasonal decorating!
 I loved this little tray so much for holding all our odds and ends (think tape, string, glue, keys, etc.) that I bought one for my mama-in-law for Christmas.

**Images source: Hobby Lobby

Get ready for spring by making this monogram wreath!
Read about it in my blog post here.

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