Friday, December 15, 2017

New Year, New House, New Projects

Hey Porch Fans! I'm back! As some of you know, our family spent the last year in Wisconsin living in an apartment. Hubby's job needed him to work in the Badger State for a spell, so my home projects were put on hold. Also, due to some health issues, I've been unable to do much this year, but I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things in 2018!

Our old house.

The old porch where I worked on furniture projects.

Before our move to Wisconsin, we spent 10 years in Iowa raising our two girls in a rickety, old 2-story home built in 1894. It was a labor of love, constantly working to make the house a home. There was no room inside for my favorite work: furniture makeovers. So, I took my projects out onto our wrap-around front porch to sand and paint and stain. That was how "What's On My Porch" began. It was literally a blog about the projects on my porch. It was sad to see the old home get sold, but it has opened the door for new projects and new decorating endeavors!

I loved our old open staircase!
Currently, we live in a single story home on a beautiful lake in central Iowa. I never envisioned myself in a house like this. In fact, I used to hate everything about these kinds of homes. I thought they had no character or charm. But I'm starting to realize that charm is something you can add to ANY space. And while I miss our big, open staircase, I don't miss climbing those stairs ten times a day to get to the bathroom!
Our new lake house.
With our daughters both grown now, we don't need quite as much room as before, and health troubles with my feet make living in a one-story home a blessing. We've already done a little painting, and I hope to do LOTS more as the months and years go by, but we'll see what God allows. His timing is perfect, so I'll keep all plans flexible. :)

We have a fireplace!


Our new kitchen. Needs some love.


Our new living room with built in bookshelves and a window seat. This room needs love, too.




Can't beat the view!

Sunset on our lake.


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