Friday, September 12, 2014

Vanity Makeover (and a fall rag garland)

I found this amazing antique vanity at a thrift store. The price was great. And then I found out they were having a furniture sale... everything HALF OFF! I picked it up and tried to walk it right up to the cash register myself. About three feet into this endeavor, my purse slipping off my shoulder and customers staring at me like I was insane... I decided to accept a man's offer to take it to the back door for me. But I watched him. CLOSELY.

It was already a visually interesting piece, but I knew I could coax out all the details with a few layers of white paint, so I got to work. Originally, I wanted to pain the inside drawers with a pop of blue or maybe red, but I decided not to last-minute. I left them natural wood.

It turned out GORGEOUS. It even came with an awesomely huge mirror. I wanted to keep it for myself, but alas--we junk-junkies already have antiques coming out of our ears and can't keep every huge piece of vintage furniture we find. So, I sold it. Sadly.

And, of course, I only thought to take photos of it at a sale out in the sun covered in junk, so you're not really getting the full effect, but trust me. It was beautiful. Sigh.


Side note: I have been very into rag garlands lately and decided to make one that is fall-themed. Be inspired!

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