Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Edison Lamp Bookends & A Clock

Edison Lamp Bookends - by What's On My Porch

I am often inspired by other people's projects, and these Edison Lamp Bookends are no exception. I was browsing Etsy when I came across a bookend with a light bulb in it. I loved it! But the design was rather simple for me. I wondered what it would be like to make my own bookends with a little embellishment. So, I got to work. Or rather, Hubby got to work--cutting boards and assembling them into cute little L-shapes.

I knew I wanted my bookends to have feet. I experimented with lots of ideas: including Tim Holtz feet and deals on Ebay and even those little rubber dots. In the end, I decided on a package of large wooden beads from Walmart. Sounds weird, but they were perfect, and the variety means I can get lots of different looks if I want to make more bookends!

I also knew I wanted corner details. The Tim Holtz corners work here. It's not as expensive
when I just use two in my design. Also, I LOVE vintage keys, and I happened to have a bunch that I purchased at a yard sale this summer... just waiting for a project. Also, my husband bought a toolbox with a length of old chain inside. Voila! I decided to string the chain across using eyelets to fasten it, then i just slid one of the keys onto the chain. It can be unhooked and fastened to just one side if you want to make room for more books.

The bulb is an Edison bulb that I bought online. The low wattage and amber glow are very
romantic, perfect for this project... plus you can see the cool looping filaments inside.

The bookends themselves I whitewashed and then stained a dark walnut to give them that old, weathered driftwood look. All-in-all I LOVE how they turned out.

Edison Lamp Bookends - by What's On My Porch

Alarm Clock Makeover - What's On My Porch

I purchased this sweet little alarm clock at Walmart. It was plain and silver, but I knew it had potential. I've been wanting to start a vintage clock collection, but I couldn't find a cool, rusted clock in my price range. So, I made one.

Alarm Clock Makeover - What's On My Porch
I started by disassembling the clock with a small screwdriver. Then I spray-painted the silver pieces black. I forgot about one of the hands (which was red) so I had to go back and do that one. I've probably disassembled and reassembled this thing twenty times. (And now I have to do it again because I didn't get the second hand on tight
enough and it's not moving--sigh.)

Alarm Clock Makeover - What's On My Porch
I also found a cute clock face online (I like roman numerals). I manipulated the size in Photoshop and printed it on some script scrapbook paper, although regular would do. Then I coffee stained it. I was bummed because my printer is left-brained, and I am not, so I accidentally printed it upside down... this means my script is upside down while my clock face is right side up. Sigh again. but I decided to just go with it.

After the silver parts were spray painted, I gave the whole thing a coat of acrylic flat brown (not glossy). Then I faux rusted it using burnt sienna (an orangey brown), gray, and just a little copper. I dabbed these on randomly with a sponge brush until I got the look I wanted.

I glued the clock face over the old one and put the clock back together. I LOVE it! It does still work, but the alarm hand got messed up during the re-assemble, and now I have no idea how to set the alarm to the right time. But that wasn't really the point, so I'm still happy. :)

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