Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn Sign on Reclaimed Wood

Just finished this gorgeous autumn sign on reclaimed wood! Here's how it happened:
  1. Put the words together in Photoshop until I got the look I wanted. 
  2. Printed and assembled the document in pieces.
  3. Colored on the back with charcoal.
  4. Traced over the words to "transfer" to the wood.
  5. Retraced them in pencil so they wouldn't just smudge away when I touched them.
  6. Filled in with paint in black, red, and orange (tried white, just didn't like it).
  7. Planning to seal this with Mod Podge and possibly add hinges and a knob to make it into a "door."
  8. Also planning to eat LOTS of chocolate because I starved myself in the MANY long hours it took to do all this. :) Although I DID watch two whole seasons of Fringe on Netflix... or listened to them anyway.
  9. Done. 
  10. BONUS! When you flip this around, it makes the perfect background for a Christmas wreath! So, it can go up in September and stay up until January! :)
Autumn Sign by What's On My Porch
Bonus! Flip it over and hang a Christmas wreath for more mileage!

This is the "getting ready to trace" stage. Ah. Good times.

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