Sunday, February 18, 2018

Valentine Gifts That He Actually Wants

Gift ideas for a guy... that he really wants!

Valentine Gifts for Him 
It's not easy shopping for a guy on Valentine's Day. Pink hearts and stuffed animals don't really appeal to most men. So, what does a guy really want? Here are some ideas that are sure to put a smile on your man's face without taking away his man card.

Knife Cabinet | ReclaimerDesign on Etsy
My own hubby has an ever-growing collection of knives. For years they were kept in an old box in the basement. What better way to say you care about his interests than helping him to display them in a classy handmade case?

Engraved Pocket Knife
And speaking of knife collections, add a personal touch with this engraved knife.

Beard Balm
I bought this for Hubby. At first he was resistant to the idea, but it just smells so good and is perfect for keeping those bristles in check! No more scratchy kisses.

Give him the gift of comfort with these soft, cozy slippers.

Docking Station | GretaOtoDesign on Etsy
Wallet, watch, phone, keys, glasses... have you ever heard your man reciting this list as he frantically searches his nightstand? No more! Give the gift of organization with this personalized docking station.

Engraved Compass | SFDizayn on Etsy
Love is a great adventure! Inside every man is an explorer. Bring out his adventurous side with engraved compass!

Chocolate Oreos Gift Box
What Valentine's gift would be complete without a box of chocolates? But don't settle for just any candy. Indulge him with these decadent Oreos!

Treasure Chest of Coffee
Show him he is your greatest treasure with this trunk filled with delicious coffees!

For that very special Valentine's Day... If you're really looking to WOW him, check out these Bose headphones.

A Sensual Valentine
Finally, this fun DIY gift is full of possibilities! Show him how exciting love can be with a collection of gifts for all 5 senses!

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