Monday, April 23, 2018

How To Make Fairy Furniture

How To Make Fairy Furniture
Fairy furniture is my new obsession! I just love the idea of taking elements from nature and using them to create tiny sculptures. And it doesn't hurt that it's finally starting to feel like spring here.

Today, we're going to make three furniture items: a fairy bed, a fairy candle stand and a fairy harp.

Here is what you'll need:

Fairy bed made from twigs and moss

Fairy Bed
To make the fairy bed, start by building the head and foot boards. I broke twigs into similar sizes and laid them out, gluing them together. When the head and foot boards were done, I used twigs to attach them together and form the base/sleeping area of the bed. When it was dry, I added moss, gluing it into place and also acorn tops for the top of the bed posts at the head of the bed. Then I glued paper flowers and more moss to the posts.

Fairy candle stand made from twigs and moss

Fairy Candle Stand
To build the candle stand, I used a piece of bark as a base, then attached a twig. It was difficult to glue the twig directly to the bark, so I took a small amount of air-dry clay and attached it with glue to the bark, then I put a dot of glue onto the top of the clay and stuck the twig to it. This helped stabilize the twig while the glue dried and attached it. The twig itself had a "Y" in it. This created a cradle for the acorn top. I glued the acorn top upside down to make a bowl shape. I created a "candle" using clay and a bit of wire. I just worked the clay into a candle shape and stuck the wire through to create the "wick." I attached it into the acorn top with glue and then added moss around it and moss at the base.

I had a hard time getting the twig to stay,
so I added a bit of clay and a dot of glue on top of that, then covered it with moss.

Fairy harp made from twigs and moss

Fairy Harp
For the harp, I used a V-shaped twig. It already had buds on the ends, but you can add buds or flowers if you don't have a twig with buds on it. I glued a thin twig to connect the V-shape of the twig. I used clay and glue to secure the bottom of the V-shaped twig to the inside of an acorn cap. Then I secured it to a piece of bark as a base. I used moss to hide the clay and fill in gaps. To make the strings, I used cut pieces of natural twine, gluing them to the twigs as shown.

Fairy harp made from twigs and moss

And there you have it! Three pieces of fairy furniture for your fairy garden.

Fairy furniture made from twigs and moss

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