Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Transferring Images with Citra Solv


Transferring Images with Citra Solv

I know. I know. I've said it before... but I am in LOVE with transferring computer images to fabric using Citra Solv. Here is a map I transferred to a canvas drop cloth. I'll walk you through how it was done.
I used these supplies, including a canvas drop cloth that had been WASHED and dried. This ensures it will accept the ink, although as you can see, the image was still slightly blurred/faded on transfer. Since drop cloths are made to repel paint, you might have better luck using a simple cotton fabric.  
I also used an 11x17 cork board, removing the outer frame. You can find it here:

And of course, you'll need Citra Solv, available here:

 And now, we begin!
 1. First, cut your cloth and gather your supplies (pictured).
2. Next, print your picture/words or in this case map backwards. (Map available from Mr. Printables here.) Only certain types of printers work with this method. My first attempt was a fail because the printer was the wrong kind. This works best with toner or laser printers, NOT inkjet. The ink will simply not transfer.
3. Place the image upside down on your fabric and secure with tape. Make sure to do this on a work surface. Pour the Citra Solv into a glass jar or similar container and LIGHTLY dip the TIP of your paintbrush into the Citra Solv. Then lightly brush it across the back of the image. You don't want too much Citra Solv or things get messy. As you brush it, the image will appear through the paper.
 4. Now, working from the corner of your image, hold it in place with one hand and use the back of your spoon to transfer the image, scraping in one direction to "push" the image onto the fabric. Push relatively hard. And be meticulous, going over a spot a few times before moving on to the next. You only get one shot at this. Once you pull the paper away, it's nearly impossible to line the image up again.
 5. Once the image is transferred, secure the fabric to your corkboard using a staple gun. And that's it! You have a cool vintage-looking map!
You can see how to use Citra Solv and other transfer methods HERE.

Here are some other projects I've done using transfers. As you can see, the images are more crisp, depending on the type of fabric.


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