Sunday, September 16, 2018

How To Make A Journal From Blank Cards

How To Make A Journal From Blank Cards
This cute little junk journal is easy to make. All it takes is a few blank greeting cards. Here's how to make one of your very own.

Gather Your Cards
Gather some A2 Kraft Cards & Envelopes. You won't use the envelopes for this project, but save them for a future journal craft. Decide how big you want your journal to be. I used 8 cards for a total of 16 pages, including front & back covers.

One More Card
Now get one more card and cut it vertically into inch-long strips as shown. I like to use a trimmer for this, but you can use scissors, too.

Fold each strip in half as pictured. A ruler can help with this to keep the fold straight. These strips will become your "hinges".

Cut Off Hinge Ends
Next, take one of your folded strips or "hinges" and cut off each end at an angle as pictured.

Attach Cards Using Hinge
Line up two cards folded ends touching. Apply craft glue to your hinge and glue it to one of the cards as pictured. Next, apply glue to the other side of the hinge and attach it to the other card. The hinge holds the cards together, kind of like a door hinge holds a door to a wall. Repeat this process for all of your cards until they form one large book.

Don't worry about the hinges showing. Once you decorate your journal, you can cover them with papers.

Done! Easy Peasy
And you're finished! You have a blank card journal ready for your personal touch.
Want to see how I decorated mine with a vintage "World Travel" theme? Click here.

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