Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hotel Key Holder & A Tray

I get a little stir crazy in the wintertime. I miss working on my porch: scraping, sanding, painting. But
while Old Man Winter hangs on in these last few days, I can still do a few smaller, indoor projects. Here are two I've been working on.

The first is a Hotel Key Holder. I freely admit I totally stole this idea from one I saw on Etsy/Pinterest. I just fell in love with the vintage look and the many, many hooks for hanging necklaces, bracelets, keys, scarves.

Of course, I can never just copy someone else's work. I have to add my own unique touch. In this case, I added a hotel sign to the top of the board and a few tags for the little metal tag-plates.

The board itself was made from reclaimed pallet wood (thanks to the amazing HUBBY!). I lightly painted it a creamy latex white, leaving the wood grain to show through. Then I went over it with some watered down black acrylic paint for an old, gray tint. I added the hooks and tags, pretty much eye-balling it (I'm not great with measuring/numbers/simple math.) But I did attempt to space it out evenly using my handy-dandy fabric tape measure. Hey, if I'm a little off... it just adds to the charm, right? :)

The brown tags were made from gluing brown paper to cardstock. Then I wrote out some French words (Google
translator) and numbers, as in room numbers. Only in French they probably wouldn't start with No., but whatever.

The sign at the top was inspired by a design I saw on Pinterest. I painted a very thin board black, then colored on it with a wax Easter egg crayon. Any wax will do, though, I think, even a white crayon. I painted over that with white and then used a scraper to scrape the edges, giving the sign a cool, vintage look. I printed out the words, colored the back with willow charcoal and then traced them on and filled them in with paint. When they were dry, I sanded just a bit for a worn look.

Put it all together and ta-da! I have a pretty little French-ish hotel key sign! Lovely!

The other project I did was a wooden tray. It was a thrift store find. I'm not a fan of blonde wood, so I bought it with the intention of painting it, which I did (primed first though, cuz I decided not to sand it and wanted to be sure the paint wouldn't just slide off). After painting it, I tried to transfer an image using Citra Solv, but it didn't work quite as well as I would like. Still, it goes along with the old vintage feeling, especially when I chipped away some of the paint and coated the whole tray with a coat of Minxwax Walnut stain (brushing it on, then wiping it off with a rag). The result is really very pretty!

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